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Our Group, with careful planning over the last few years, has widened its horizons, evolving into a regional banking power in the area of Cyprus, Greece and Southeast Europe following a steady course of development.

Despite the difficult environment we faced the last couple of years, as a result of the international financial crisis, our Organisation achieved very satisfactory results and performance, strengthening further its foundations and rightfully emerging as an Organisation our customers can count on.

These achievements are the result of the dedication, zeal and commitment of our employees to the Group.

This commitment stems from the effectiveness of the practices we follow for some time now in the field of managing and developing human resources. We are particularly proud of the quality of our members of staff, the organisation’s culture, the high standards of trust shown to the Bank's Management team, as well as our employees' commitment in achieving our strategic targets.

Come to our Group and join one of the most dynamic and experienced banking groups in the region of Southeast Europe. We will invest in you and offer you the opportunity to pursue a challenging career, enabling you to contribute in the realisation of one of the most ambitious strategic objectives for expansion and progress.

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