Group Transfers - Beneficiaries

Option through which you can manage Beneficiaries’ details in Group Transfers, which are either kept on a Group Transfers list in Internet Banking or uploaded via a file.

The Beneficiaries must be account holders in SEPA zone.

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General Information

  • The Beneficiary Lists are created by you and can be changed at any time, depending on your needs
  • Alternatively, you can upload a file with the Beneficiary details in a specific XML format   (according to specifications provided by the Bank). This option is ideal for companies handling large numbers of Beneficiaries
  • This functionality is used exclusively for the management of Beneficiary lists. The creation and posting of Group Transfers is carried out via menu option Group Transfers - Create
  • The functionality is available only to Users who have enrolled to the direct credit system via their branch and have signed all necessary 1bank applications for access to the accounts debited


  • Company Name: Select the name of the Company that has authorised you to send Group Transfers. Initially, the Beneficiaries List is empty
  • Beneficiaries List: Select the Beneficiaries List (if you have created one) from the drop down menu. If the list is blank:
    • Create List: Click to create a new beneficiaries list for the Company you have selected.
    • Beneficiaries List Name: Enter the name you wish for the new list i.e Suppliers
    • Add: Click to add the List under the Company
    • Cancel: Click to go back to the first screen without saving any changes
  • Add (NewBeneficiary): Once you create a Beneficiary List you need to add Beneficiaries. Click on Add and complete the details of the beneficiary in the following fields:
    • Code: Enter a unique code for the beneficiary. This can be the Supplier code, ID number or any other code you wish. The maximum length of this field is 7 characters (alphanumeric) and it must not contain symbols or blanks 
    •  Description: Enter the transfer details for the specific beneficiary i.eInvoice Settlement 123. The maximum length of this field is 10 characters (alphanumeric) and it must not contain symbols or blanks.
    • Name: Enter the name of the beneficiary in latin characters i.e. Andreas Andreou
    • ΙΒΑΝ: Enter the ΙΒΑΝ of the Beneficiary without blanks (IBAN should belong to SEPA zone). 
    • Bank: Optionally, select the name of the Bank of the Beneficiary. Select “Other Bank” if applicable (if the Bank you wish to credit is a Foreign Bank)
    • BIC: This field appears if the Bank is foreign. Enter the SWIFT/BIC of the Beneficiary Bank.
    • Amount: Enter the amount you wish to transfer to the specific Beneficiary (for transfers in non BOC accounts, it must be Euro only. In case of payments to BOC foreign account holders, the account to be debited must be of same foreign currency)
    • Save: Click on the button to save the Beneficiary details to the company Beneficiaries List.

Other Options

  • Add Beneficiaries by file upload: You can add beneficiaries by uploading a file according to specifications provided by the Bank. 
    • Select File: Select the Group Transfers file from your computer and click on Open
    • Upload: Click to upload the details in the file to the Beneficiaries displayed
    • Save: Click to save the beneficiaries details you uploaded to the list of the company you selected
  • Delete Beneficiary: You can select one or more beneficiaries to delete from your list. Select one or more beneficiaries and click on Delete to remove the selected beneficiaries from the list. Click on Save to complete the deletion 
  • Select all on page: You can click to select all beneficiaries on the page. Click on Delete and then Save to complete the deletion 
  • Delete List: Select the company and the Beneficiaries List. Click on Delete to delete the List. Press Save to complete the deletion 
  • Edit List Name: Select the company and the Beneficiaries List. Click on EditListName, enter a new name and click on ΟΚ. Press Save to complete the deletion


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