Garmin Pay

Now you pay using your smartwatch!

If you are sports and technology buffs, pay with the Garmin smartwatch safely and quickly, with no cash, no wallet, no card or mobile.

How it works

First you need to register your VISA and Mastercard card, by entering the menu of the GarminConnect app and selecting ‘GarminDevices’. Next, follow these easy steps:

  • Select the Garmin watch on which you want to active your card, then select ‘Garmin Pay’. Press ‘Create Your Wallet’.
  • Create a 4-digit passcode. You’ll need this passcode for your purchases.
  • Go ahead and add your Bank of Cyprus VISA and Mastercard card, following the instructions provided.
  • To complete the Garmin Pay process, you’ll need to confirm who you are by entering the One Time Password (OTP). You'll receive this OTP on the mobile you registered.
  • Having completed the activation process, you'll receive a message on your mobile and your smartwatch.

More information

  • It’s a novel way to make contactless payments, using Bank of Cyprus cards with Garmin devices that support GarminPay.

  •  You can find all necessary information by clicking here

  • To view the Terms & Conditions, click here