Transfers and Payments

  • Υou can make transfers

    Between connected accounts and within Bank of Cyprus, transfers to Local Banks, Payment Orders (International Transfers), Payroll, Payment of Utility Bills etc.

  • Free charges

    Through the digital channels, all your transactions are executed for free or at reduced charges. Click here for the Commissions and Charges Table

  • Future transfers All financial transactions can be set up for execution up to 6 months in the future (future transfers)

Join the digital future

Answers to all of your questions

    • Monitor the status of every transaction by clicking My Accounts > Activity Status from Internet Banking or Menu > Transactions Status from Mobile app.
    • Print and store a copy of every transaction in pdf format.
    • Execute transactions by setting multiple signatures.
    • Create templates for faster execution of frequent transactions.
    • Create standing order transfers
    • Cancel future-dated transactions
    • Buy airtime (eShop for Cyta and Epic)
    • Create a notice of transfer for notice accounts.


+357 22 128000 from abroad
Monday to Friday, 07:45 - 18:00 Saturday and Sunday 9:00 - 17:00

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