Day to day banking

  • Solutions for your everyday needs

    We provide a full range of day-to-day banking products and services, designed to meet your own unique needs and circumstances.

    Current accounts, Deposits and Savings, Cards, and Insurance.

  • Personalized deposits

    We create appropriate tailor-made deposits, taking into consideration the new challenges and complexities of the markets. We also offer customized structures and returns linked to any asset class requested.

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  • You can have support of your main cash-management needs, including yield maximization with the use of current, savings and notice accounts.

    • Investment Trading Accounts are used to clear transactions in the client’s investment portfolio, provide daily liquidity, instant access and attractive interest rates.
    • Notice Accounts offer flexibility in cash management and attractive interest rates, depending on the amount and notice period (8, 35, 90 and 180 days).
    • Fixed Term Deposit Accounts offer the highest possible performance for savings.
    • Instant Access Notice Accounts offer attractive interest rates, while providing instant access to your funds.
    • You can choose between several major currencies, including sterling, euro and US dollar.
  • Money Market Funds seek to limit exposure to losses due to credit, market and liquidity risk. Money Market Funds seek a stable net asset value (NAV) per share.

  • Through Bank of Cyprus subsidiary companies, EuroLife (Life insurance) and General Insurance, we offer a wide range of insurance products for businesses and individuals. We can arrange a meeting with an insurance specialist to help you choose a product that best meets your needs.

  • We offer a wide range of cards. Choose a card that’s in line with your lifestyle, make your transactions all over the world quickly and securely, and enjoy special privileges through attractive schemes.

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