Steady savings

  "Steady" Deposit Account

  • Withdrawals with no notice

    Ability to make up to two withdrawals annually regardless of the amount with no notice and no charge.

  • Flexibility in the deposit amount

    Ability to increase or reduce the monthly deposit amount, or even to skip saving, twice a year, without losing the account privileges.

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More information

  • The Steady Savings account is addressed to those who wish to automatically transfer a fixed amount each month from an account of their choice to their savings account.

  • The account has a 12-moth duration. You can withdraw your total savings after the 12-month period elapses.

  • You are saving through monthly transfers from a current account or a savings account.

  • The minimum initial and monthly deposit amount is  €30. Maximum monthly amount is €500.

  • The account is automatically renewed at the Scheme’s interest rate on the renewal date.

  • The interest rate will be reduced when you make a third withdrawal.

  • Lean more on your account’s interest rate here.

  • 1. What is a savings account?

    These are accounts that aim to help you find the most appropriate way for saving and the best way of doing that without burdening your finances, while also allowing you to enjoy the benefits of setting money aside.

    2. How do I choose the savings account that suits me best?

    We have suitable accounts depending on how you want to save money. You have the choice of saving:

    • A regular amount every month (“Steady” account)
    • Any excess money lying idle in your current account (“SurPlus” account)
    • Via your credit card (the “Save a la card” account)
    • For your Kids (Kids account)


    3.  How do I open a savings account?

    The process of opening an account is short and simple.Find out through our website and our branch network about your different options to choose the savings account that suits best your needs.The process for renewing the account is just as simple.


    4. What is the process for renewing a savings account?

    A few days before the end of the 12-month period, you will receive a letter reminding you of the expiry date of your account. You may consider the following options:

    • Give instructions on the expiry of the account for the interest or the total amount deposited (including the interest) to be transferred to another account.
    • For the "Kids" Saving account, you can transfer money (the interest, the total  or part of the amount) to another account in the bank, in the child's name, only if the new account enjoys higher interest rate.
    • If you do not want any change to your savings account, it will be automatically renewed at the interest rate the Bank offeres at that time, ensuring there is no loss of interest even if you forget to renew the account on the designated date.


  • Deposits in Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited are protected by the Deposit Guarantee and Resolution of Credit and Other Institutions Scheme (DGS).

    Limit protection of EUR 100.000 per depositor per credit institution.

    For more information please click here


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