Hire purchase for car or equipment

  • Interest rate depending on down-payment

    Option for a variable or fixed interest rate depending on the type of the car (new or used) and the down-payment amount.

  • Flexible repayment plans

    Maximum repayment period for used cars is 5 years and 7 years for new cars. Utilise our flexible payment plan offered to companies with seasonal income.

Answers to all of your questions

  • Financing is carried out via a HIRE PURCHASE AGREEMENT. Under the hire purchase contract, the hire purchaser hires an item from the Bank of Cyprus for specific time at specified rent (instalment) with a right to buy this item if the contract terms are observed.

  • Hire purchase is offered for the purchase of:

    • new and used cars
    • business vehicles
    • heavy goods vehicles (HGVs)
    • buses and coaches
    • printing machines
    • construction equipment
    • office equipment and medical equipment


  • You can contact our Branch Network or the Bank’s SME Centres. Applications may also be submitted to the seller’s shop.

  • You can obtain the necessary information on our interest rates from Relationship Officers in our Branch Network or the SME Banking Centres.