Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre

The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre has represented the biggest and most successful partnership between the public and the private sector. Since its inauguration in 1998, it serves cancer patients and the society at large in Cyprus. It is also the first hospital in Cyprus and Greece to receive quality accreditation from Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems, Europe’s leading hospital accreditation organisation. Another important milestone is the creation of the Interventional Radiology Unit in 2021. In 2022 the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre started its collaboration with an Interventional Pulmonologist to operate an International Pulmonology Unit. 

To date, the Oncology Center has developed into an institution of high medical care, a model Centre for effective cancer treatment and a successful model of interdisciplinary management. Its importance for Cypriot society is summed up in the spectacular numbers it has recorded:

Key numbers

  • c. €70m cumulative investment by Bank of Cyprus
  • 60% of the diagnosed cases in Cyprus treated at the Centre
  • 47,567 patients registered and treated at the Centre since 1998
  • 16,892 patients treated in 2022
  • 256 medical and administrative employees


The Wall Gallery

The art piece "Immersed in Athalassa" by Milenko Stevanovic is currently exhibited on the surrounding walls of the Centre as part of "The Wall Gallery" project. This project was inaugurated in 2018 in collaboration with the NGO Alternative Brains Rule and refers to a giant display outside the window of the Oncology Centre, aiming to boost the morale of both patients and employees.

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