Finance your master’s degree or professional qualification

  • Loan amount

    Loan amount cannot exceed €20,000, if the loan is secured with personal guarantees. For loans where a mortgage on a property is offered, the maximum amount can be up to €50,000 and the interest rate is lower.

  • Grace period

    Grace period of up to 2 years on capital payment (you pay only interest).

    If the student’s initial monthly salary is less than €1.000 (gross), then a further grace period of 2 years on capital payment can be allocated (total maximum grace period is 4 years) given that the loan has been granted to the name of the student.


  • No initial bank fees

    There are no initial bank charges.

More information

  • Students or/and parents wishing to cover the costs of postgraduate studies and/or professional qualifications in Cyprus or abroad.

    • Tuition fees (college and university)
    • Books, purchase of personal computer, etc.
    • Transportation
    • Living expenses (rent, home equipment, monthly personal expenses)
  • The loan amount is determined by the tuition payment plan, other expenses and the amount of instalment you wish to pay.

  • Loan duration cannot exceed 12 years for loans with or without personal guarantees and up to 15 years for loans with other collaterals.

    • If students have their own income and a repayment ability, they may be granted a loan of up to €10.000 in their name, without the need to provide any personal guarantees or collaterals
    • Free subscription for a Visa / Mastercard Classic Credit card with a maximum limit of €500 (for students 18 years or older)
    • Current account with an overdraft limit of up to €1.000 without personal guarantees or other collaterals.
  • You have the right to withdraw from the agreement:

    • Within 5 business days from the date of its conclusion, when the facility is secured with a mortgage on a house
    • Within 14 calendar days from the date of the agreement conclusion when the facility is secured with personal guarantees.
  • Learn more on our interest rates here.


The Bank reserves the right to reject any application at its sole discretion and withdraw any plan at any time. If you do not make regular installment payments according to your loan repayment schedule, you may lose your house. There are charges for early loan repayment. In case of variable interest rates, the installment amount and total cost of the facility may increase or decrease depending on variations in the base rate.


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