Services offered for all your investment needs

  • Services Tailored to Clients

    Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, offering a range of strategic and personalised investment options

  • Execution Services

    Execution services are self-directed platforms that allow investors to make their own investment decisions without any advice or guidance

  • Investment Advisory Services

    Investment advisory services provide our clients with the proper guidance through a dedicated financial professional to meet their investment goals.  The bespoke advisory service is designed for clients who want more flexibility and customisation in their investment choices

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    Discretionary Asset Management is addressed to clients seeking professional management of their portfolio, in the framework of a relevant agreement which incorporates investment targets and investment strategy that will be followed. You can find out about all Asset Management services on the CISCO Asset Management page by clicking here

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    • Private & Affluent Banking: 
      • Full range of banking and investment products and services for Wealth Individuals
      • Dedicated Account Manager who looks after both clients' banking and investment needs
      • Execution, Advisory investment services and Discretionary Portfolio Management services, with portfolios customised to meet the clients’ unique financial circumstances and risk profile 

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