The SupportCY network was created in March 2020 by Bank of Cyprus for immediate support to front-line professionals working in the battle against COVID-19, as they form a unique chain of supporters, receivers and enablers, and create Social Capital. It also offers further assistance during other national and international crises and disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, etc. Furthermore, SupportCY focuses on meeting the various needs of the Cypriot society, and has become a central point of response and assistance, not only for NGOs but also for governmental services.

Through the SupportCY network, Bank of Cyprus is acting with joint efforts of members-partners (other organisations and companies) in order to provide support to the society in the all CSR strategic pillars when needed.


179+ members-partners
(companies and organisations)

€950,000+ contribution to society
(including monetary, in-kind products and services) channelled through all SupportCY members, since establishment

To enhance operations we have established:

SupportCY Crises & Disasters Centre

The focal point of SupportCY is response at any given emergency. The Centre develops, organises and contributes to social care programmes and is the place where equipment, clothing, food and other necessities are provided to individuals or groups in need.

SupportCY Volunteers Corps

A group of 116 volunteers including 40 trained individuals (Bank of Cyprus and other members-partners’ employees) ready to act immediately and support the front-line professionals, in emergency situations. For better coordination during emergencies, volunteers are trained by experts from official bodies (Civil Defence, Ambulance Service, National Guard, etc.).

SupportCY House

Launched in December 2021 in order to organise and host events and to be offered as a free venue to all SupportCY members for their own events. It is located near Eleftheria Square in the centre of Nicosia. The SupportCY House has become the reference point for SupportCY events, but beyond that, it is a testament that people unite in difficult times.