Actions against COVID-19

  • Support in the health sector

    Support in the health sector was offered towards the Ministry of Health, to the Nicosia General Hospital, the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit, the Cyprus Institute of Genetics and Neurology, the national Blood Bank and the 1420 Call Centre of the Ambulance Service. 

  • Support the mobile crews providing assistance to those in need

    Through SupportCy, we sprang into action immediately and in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, the Commissioner for Volunteerism, the Commissioner for the Development of Mountain Communities and NGO Reaction, we supported the mobile crews providing assistance to those in need. The Bank provided premises, infrastructure and operating costs to host the Coordination Centre. Furthermore, through the #SupportCY the following were offered: technical gear catering for the volunteers; vehicles and fuel to enable deliveries from the Coordination Centre as well as security and weekly disinfection of the premises. 

  • Support the educational system

    To support the educational system, a total of 1,000 tablets were offered to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, to be distributed to pupils who lacked the means to take online classes from home, while “Polignosi”, the first online encyclopedia in Cyprus ( was launched.