Digipass for further protection

  • SMS Digipass & Digipass APP

    Choose one of the two new Digipass types, SMS Digipass & Digipass App, according to your needs to enhance security while using 1bank for your electronic banking transaction

  • Easy to use

    The SMS Digipass and Digipass App provide improved convenience and enhanced security as the generated unique “One Time Passwords” (OTP) are specific to each transaction

  • Select transaction limits Due to the enhanced security they provide, the new Digipass offer you the option of increasing your daily Digipass transaction limits by signing the appropriate application.

SMS Digipass & Digipass App

More information

  • New Digipass types generate codes (One time Passwords) that are used for verifying the authenticity of transactions made through the 1bank channels. Digipass App offers the option to use it to login in 1bank and also generate OTP for instructions sent by fax.

  • SMS Digipass and Digipass App provides improved convenience as they are easier to use, as well as enhanced security as the generated unique “One Time Passwords” (OTP) are specific to each transaction. The passwords created take into account basic transaction data, such as: the type of transaction, the beneficiary’s account, the currency, the amount etc. In addition to the provision of the One Time Password, the subscriber is also informed about the basic transaction data before authorizing a transaction, thus avoiding any possibility of error.

  • Yes. Unlike the existing hardware devices, with the new Digipass types you do not need to carry a device with you for authorizing electronic banking transactions.

    • For SMS Digipass

    Your mobile phone device since the One Time Passwords are sent via sms to the mobile phone number which is registered in the Bank's systems,

    • For Digipass App

    Your handheld device of choice (Mobile/Tablet) since the One Time Passwords are generated through an App (Application) installed on the device where you have also installed the Digipass App.

  • SMS Digipass & Digipass App do not require replacement due to battery depletion or deterioration/damage of the display etc.

  • Use of the old devices was discontinued on 13 September 2019. 

    • Individual subscribers who owned the old types of Digipass devices (models GO3, DP550, DP320) can apply for new online through 1bank Internet Banking at the option "Products & services  > Digipass > Get new".
    • Business Subscribers can apply for new by completing the relevant application at one of our Branches.
  • Proceed with activation through the menu option "Products & services  > Digipass >  Activate/Switch" through the 1bank Internet Banking.


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