Fixed Deposit Management through the App

Our new service “Fixed Deposit Management” allows you to manage your connected Fixed Deposit accounts with full access easily and quickly through the BoC Mobile App.

You can give instructions like the below without visiting the branch:

  • Transfer Amount or change the period

    You can give instructions to increase or decrease the capital and/or change the period of the Fixed Deposit before its maturity date.

  • Close Account and Transfer Amount

    You can give instructions to close a Fixed Deposit and transfer the amount and any interest to the account you wish before the maturity/renewal date. Not applicable to joint or connected accounts of other persons. 

  • Manage Interest or Maturity Affiliate Account

    Close or change the Interest or Maturity Affiliate Account to which the interest will be transferred upon maturity/renewal date. The change is processed on the same day.

  • Submit New Instructions

    If you have already given a Fixed Deposit instruction via the BoC Mobile App, you can change it at any time by deleting and re-submitting a new one before the maturity/renewal date.

More Information

  • Choose "Accounts” from the menu, then “Deposits", and swipe left to choose “Manage”.

  • The service is offered to individual subscribers over the age of 18, with full access to Fixed Deposit accounts in euros.

  • The instruction is executed with no confirmation through Digipass, SMS or Email Verification Code.

  • You will receive an SMS depending on the success or failure of the relevant instruction.


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