Email & SMS Alerts

  • You’ve got Mail! Once you activate “Alerts” service, we'll keep you constantly updated on your account transactions, your standing orders not executed, etc.
  • Stay updated in Greek, English and Russian You may select your messages language and get updated about your account traffic, exchange rates (morning/afternoon currency rates), share prices (closing stock price), digital channels, etc.
  • You have the control of your Alerts

    You can create Alerts through the “Products & services  > Alerts” menu option to Login to 1bank or when you have a New Secure Message in 1bank.

More information

  • Alerts are auto setup to notify you for the following:

    • Standing Orders / Direct Debits not executed.
    • Change of marketing preferences.
    • Notification for new card available for pickup
    • Notification  for chequebook available for pickup
    • Start / stop paper statement
    • Change contact information (mobile telephone number, email address)
  • The following alerts are automatically opened and cannot be deleted/ removed. They include important updates to enhance your security as:

    • ATM withdrawals (for individuals and business cardholders).
    • Card purchases (for individuals and business cardholders).
    • 1bank passcode change.
    • Passcode locked after 3 consecutive incorrect attempts to login to 1bank.
    • Unlock the 1bank passcode.
    • Activation of the1bank passcode.
    • Lock/disable Digipass.
    • Lock “Security Questions” after incorrect responses.
    • Trust Device.
  • You may select different alerts like:

    • Current available balance.
    • Current balance (Above / Below  €...).
    • Debit transactions (Above / Below €...)/
    • Credit transactions (Above / Below €...)/
    • Debit cheque transactions.
    • Credit cheque transactions.
    • Notification for Business Cheques. 
    • Standing orders.
    • Debit orders.
    • Card Account payment due.
    • Fixed deposit expiry.
    • Loan instalment.
    • eStatement availability.
    • Exchange rates.
    • Share prices.
    • 1bank login.
    • New Secure Message received in 1bank
  • You may create Alerts through the “Products & services > Alerts” menu option:

    • To Login to 1bank.
    • When New Secure Message is being received in 1bank.
    • For 1bank subscribers, through the 1bank Internet Banking “Products & services  > Alerts” menu option. The use of the “Alerts” service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of 1bank. This applies to individuals and legal entities.
    • From any Bank of Cyprus branch by signing the relevant application – this applies only to individuals.


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