Get an energy upgrade

Energy Loan for upgrading the energy efficiency of your home

  • Photovoltaic and other systems

    Installation of energy saving systems for home use.

  • Lower interest rate

    Compared to the other personal loans with personal guarantees offered by Bank of Cyprus

  • Loan amount up to €15,000

    No requirement for own contribution.  You may be financed for the total amount of the invoice

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    Physical persons, permanent residents of Cyprus who seek financing for the installation of PV Systems for home use and other home energy-saving systems. 

    For further information, please contact the Service Officers of our branch network online, by phone or by written application.

  • The maximum loan repayment period is 7 years.

  • A borrower’s maximum age at loan maturity is 65 years

  • It is necessary to provide the quotation for the PV System or other systems along with your application.

  • You have the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 calendar days from the date of its conclusion, when the funding is secured by personal guarantees.

  • Learn more on our interest rates here


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