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For your daily electronic transactions 

  • Instant access to your money

    For individual subscribers to 1bank. Open an account in the name of the subscriber and obtain access to your money via a debit card. You can use the card for purchases and ATM cash withdrawals.

  • No maintenance fees

    The Account is not charged with maintenance fees. For International Customers, charges apply based on the Bank’s fee table.

  • Free debit card membership fee

    The debit card membership fee is free of charge for the first year

  • Payment with standing orders and direct debits

    Ability to pay your loan instalments and utility bills with automatic payment orders

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    To open a Quick Account, you need to deposit at least €1 by transfer from another existing account of yours or from an account you are authorized to handle.  You can open your digital account through  Internet Banking or BOC Mobile app. If you are not subscribed to 1bank, you can register easily online here

    For further information, please contact us at 800 00 800.


  • You can manage your account only via 1bank, BoC Mobile app and ATMs, 24 hours a day.

  • You can send instructions for closing the account via a secure message through 1bank or through your Branch.

  • This account is only available in euro.

  • Find out the interest rate here

  • Deposits in Bank of Cyprus Public Company Limited are protected by the Deposit Guarantee and Resolution of Credit and Other Institutions Scheme (DGS).

    Limit protection of EUR 100.000 per depositor per credit institution.

    For more information please click here

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