SMS Digipass for more safety

  • For even safer transactions The use of mobile and internet increases the need for additional safety measures in transactions. For this reason, 1bank offers you an additional tool, SMS Digipass.
  • Authenticity verification SMS Digipass verifies the authenticity of money transactions which you perform through any of the 1bank channels, using a One Time Password (OTP).

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  • The authenticity of money transactions is verified via SMS Digipass through 1bank channels, using a One Time Password (OTP). You receive the OTP through SMS to your mobile phone number.  An OTP is generated specifically for each of your transactions, taking into consideration basic transaction data, such as the type of transaction, the beneficiary’s account, the currency, the amount etc.

    More specifically, following purchase and activation of your SMS Digipass, upon submitting each of your transactions through any of the 1bank channels, if the transaction requires the usage of an OTP, you receive an SMS message on your mobile phone number (the phone which is maintained in the Bank’s records). The message contains the OTP and the basic data of the transaction (the basic data is proof that the OTP you have received is associated to your transaction). You must then enter this OTP in your transaction, to complete it.

  • The message sent per OTP is done via SMS. Consequently, in case the Bank does not maintain the correct mobile phone, you should arrange to correct it through any Bank Branch or through the Internet and Mobile Banking (the transaction requires the use of Digipass).

  • The purchase cost of SMS Digipass is €10.

    • It is used for money transactions (transfers, payments etc.) in combination with your User ID and Passcode. Cannot be used for login to 1bank Internet or Mobile banking or for instructions sent by fax.
    • The OTP provided is unique per transaction and is generated by taking into consideration basic transaction data, which offers enhanced security for your transactions through 1bank.
    • Due to the enhanced security it offers, if you apply for an SMS Digipass through a paper application, you will benefit from higher daily transaction limits.
    • The OTP is sent via sms to your mobile phone number which is maintained in the Bank’s records. Therefore, you are not required to carry with you any specific device as with conventional hardware Digipass. 
    • Beyond the ease of use, the new Digipass does not require replacement due to battery depletion or deterioration/damage of the display etc., as with conventional Digipass.
    • The purchase cost of SMS Digipass is €10.


  • Individual Subscribers can apply for SMS Digipass through the 1bank Internet & Mobile Banking.  On the Internet Banking select "Products & services  > Digipass > Get new". Through the Mobile Banking App swipe right for the Menu, tap on “Digipass” and then tap on “Purchase a new Digipass”.

  • For the purchases through 1bank Internet Banking you can proceed with activation through the option "Products & services  > Digipass >  Activate/Switch". For the activation through Mobile Banking App swipe right for the Menu tap on “Digipass” and then tap on  “Activate Switch your Digipass”.

  • The function is also available for Business Subscribers which already owned Digipass SMS or App. Business Subscribers who aren’t Digipass holders can apply only by submitting a paper application from any of our branches.

  • For subscribers who owned the old types of Digipass devices (models GO3, DP550, DP320) which have replaced them with Digipass SMS or App (without written application), have to proceed with a paper application from any of our Branches, in order to benefit from the increased daily transaction limits.

    For the application, click here.

    • Connect through 1bank via Internet or Μobile Banking, or through the Call Centre and provide the details of your transaction.
    • The system will ask you for a Digipass code (where required, e.g. if the transfer concerns transfers to third parties).
    • You will receive an SMS message on your mobile phone number which will include the OTP and the basic transaction data.
    • Enter the OTP on your screen and click on “Confirm”, or provide the OTP to the agent if the transaction is executed via the Call Centre.
    • Repeat this process each time you carry out a new transaction.

    Note:  Once you purchase and activate a Digipass SMS or App, it automatically becomes the default for your current subscription. At any time, you can switch to another Digipass you own.  You can do this either by contacting the Call Centre or via 1bank Internet Banking, option "Products & services  > Digipass >  Activate/Switch". Existing access and daily transaction limits applicable to your subscription will not be altered.



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