Payroll - File Listing

Option through which you can view the details of Payroll files submitted and executed.

Important Information

  • In addition to the general information of a File, you can view the beneficiaries included in the file and the Status of each transaction
  • Transactions that appear with status “Rejected” need to be re input after the beneficiary details are corrected. Rejected transaction amounts will not be debited to the account used


  • Company Name: Select accordingly
  • Account: Select the account number debited
  • From Date/To Date: Click on the Calendar icon  to select the period
  • Submit: Click to view more details
  • Details: Click to see a summary of the details of the File
  • File Reference Number: Click to see the transactions of the file and their status:
    • Result: The status of the Payment (Rejected, Completed, Completed and Forwarded to other Banks)
    • Rejected Reason: The reason that the payment has been rejected (if the Result is Rejected)


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