Alerts - Device Management - New Device

Option through which you can set-up the Devices to which the Alerts will be delivered (via SMS or email).

General information

  • With the addition of a New Device, a Verification Code will be sent to the Device automatically, with an sms if it’s a mobile or with an email, if it’s an email address.  Make sure that the email is not saved in the Junk/Spam folder of your email account
  • The Silent Zone applies for each Device
  • In case the Silent Zone is activated, no alerts will be sent during that period unless there is a transaction via 1bank internet banking, 1bank mobile banking or ATM 
  • In case a Device is deactivated, the Device will not receive an alerts 
  • With the activation of a Device, the dispatch of alerts will commence 


  • Type: Select accordingly
  • Name: Enter a description (name) for the Device
  • Device Details: Enter the email address or the mobile number (Local or Foreign Provider) i.e. 99123456 for Cyprus or [country code] + [mobile number] for abroad
  • Silent Zone: Optional field. Enter the duration of the Silent Zone
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction 
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction


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