Alerts - Device Management - Device Listing

Option through which you can view your personal contact details (email/mobile number) maintained in the Bank’s system, the status of each Device (Activated/ Deactivated) and the Silent Zone duration (if defined).  Option to change these data.

General information

  • The Devices with flag “System”, can be changed either through the Internet Banking/Mobile App, optionChange Contact Information (for system mobile phone a Digipass OTP is required), or at any Bank of Cyprus branch
  • The Preferred Language, applies for all the alerts
  • The Silent Zone, applies for each Device separately
  • The Silent Zone applies for all the alerts
  • In case a Device is Inactive, no messages will be sent
  • With the Activation of a Device, the sending of messages will commence
  • Alerts sent to a Device that is being deleted, will not be sent
  • In case the Device is an email, make sure that the message is not saved in the Junk/Spam folder of your email account


  • Preferred Language:  Select whether you would like to receive the Alerts in Greek, English or Russian and then click on Change
  • Delete: Click to delete a device(email/mobile phone)
  • Modify: Click to modify the device name or to enable/disable/change the Silent Zone
  • Verify: Click to verify the selected email address /mobile phone.
    • Mobile - You will receive a Verification Code via sms, which you have to enter in the relevant field
    • Email - You will an email which will contain a link. Click on the link to complete the verification procedure.
  •  Verification Code: In case the verification process failed or you have not received an sms/email, you can request for a new Verification Code to be sent to the device 
  • Activate/Deactivate: Click to the corresponding options to activate/deactivate temporarily a Device 


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