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Option through which you can set up a new Alert.  Alerts that refer to accounts can be set up, provided the accounts are connected to the subscription.  Alerts can be sent either by sms or email.

General information

  • The alert messages that can be set up per category, are the below:
    • Accounts 
      • Current Balance/Available Balance
      • Current Balance Above/ Below (define the amount)
      • Debit Transactions Above/Below (define the amount)
      • Credit Transactions Above/ Below (define the amount)
      • Debit Cheque 
      • Cheque Deposits
      • Standing Orders
      • Direct Debit
      • Direct Credits
      • Card account payment due
      • Fixed Deposit Expiry
  • Exchange Prices (up to 5 codes)
    • Morning currency rates (any currency)
    • Afternoon currency rates (any currency)
  • Stock Prices (up to 5 codes)
    • Closing stock prices (CSE, ASE)
  • Each Alert can be sent to one or more devices
  • An Alert will be sent to a device, proved that the device is activated
  • The option to set up a new alert, will fail if an identical alert is already set up for the same device
  • If an account closes or is removed from a subscription, automatically all the alerts for this account will be deleted
  • In case a subscription closes, all the alerts set up for the subscriber will be deleted
  • The service is also available via the Bank Branches.


    • Alert Category: Select accordingly
    • Alert Type: Select accordingly
    • Message For: Select accordingly
      • Account – If the alert refers to an account
      • Stock  Code – If the alert refers to stock prices
      • Currency Code – If the alert refers to the exchange prices
    • Amount (applies only for alerts that refer to accounts): Select the amount (greater or smaller than the amount you wish to receive alerts)
    • Select the device(s) to which you wish the new Alert to be sent
    • For the option Current/Available Balance, you can select the time that you want the alert to be sent
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction


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