My accounts – Accounts (Balances)

Option through which you can view the balance, available balance and some more important information of all BoC connected accounts, as well as information on any other Banks’ Accounts connected to your subscription.

  • For Bank of Cyprus Accounts: Click on any account number/alias to view more information about the specific account, to check activity, or to change name and order etc
  • For other Bank’s Accounts: View the account, the account name, the currency, the balance and available balance and the date of the last update. To refresh the balance, click on 
  • Sort: select how you want the data to be sorted in your screen.
  • Apply Filter: Click to view the requested results of your search.
  • To remove the Filters, click on Clear Filter/Clear All
  • Click  to print or save the information in PDF format
  • Click to view and export balance information in various formats. The way data are displayed are based on the sorting selected by the subscriber
  • Convert: Use this option to view the amounts in a currency of your choice. The exchange rates used are the daily rates of the Bank.