Other Services - Foreign Exchange Rates

Option through which you can view the current or past Bank of Cyprus daily exchange rates.

Important information 

  • The exchange rates are used by the Bank for exchange transactions up to the amount of €20.000 or equivalent in another currency
  • Apply to your branch for exchange rates for transactions over this amount
  • Exchange rates may change during the course of a business day
  • The exchange rates history is available for the last two years

Process - Convert

  • Amount/Currency: Enter the amount and select the currency you wish to convert. Click on Convert to see the equivalent amount

Process – Exchange Rates

  • Latest Rates: Select to view the latest Bank Exchange Rates
  • Rate History: Select to view the Exchange Rates for any other date/currency. Click on Submit to view the Exchange Rates for the date you have selected
  • Single Currency: Select to view the exchange rates of a particular currency.  Click on Submit to view the result


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