Transfers & Payments - Pending for Approval

Option through which you can approve/reject the transactions pending on you.

General information

  • All transactions that have been created by other Users via Internet or Mobile Banking and are pending your approval or rejection, are shown (up to a maximum of 500)
  • All transactions that have expired because not all required users have approved them by the end of their execution date (up to 2 months back)
  • Expired transactions can be copied. Click on the   to copy all the details to a new transaction. This option is also available to the User who created them via the Transaction Status screen. Expired transactions can optionally be approved  (execution date will be shifted to the current working day) or rejected
  • Payment Orders with Multiple Electronic Signatures can be approved until 17:45 of the Execution Date 


  • Account: Select accordingly
  • Tick on the Approve/Reject boxes for the transactions you wish to handle. To Approve/Reject all transactions appearing in the specific page, click on the relevant selections on the top part
  • Pending Actions: If you approve a transaction that requires more than one signature, the transaction will remain as Pending for Approval up to the Execution Date or until the transaction has been approved by the required number of signatories
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction 
  • Digipass Code: Enter a digipass code (if required)
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction
  • Transaction Number: The system returns a message at the top of the page, with the transaction status.  Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details

Other options

  • TransactionType/ExecutionDate/File: Select one or more of these filters and click on ApplyFilter to isolate specific transaction types. If, for instance, you want to view only the third party transfers with today’s execution date, you need to select Transaction Type: Transfers to BOC Customersand Execution Date : The current date
  • Copy Transaction: Available only for expired transactions and only to Users with full access. Click on the  to copy all the details to a new transaction
  • Copy / DeclineTransaction: Available only to Users with full access. Click on    to reject the specific transaction and at the same time copy the transaction details in a new transaction. The dates of the new transaction will be amended accordingly. This icon is mainly used by Users who wish to alter certain details of a transaction
  • Supporting documents: To view the payment supporting documents (if any) attached by the Creator (available only for Payment Orders )click on the icon
  • Transaction Number: Click on this number to view the details entered during the creation of the transaction. You can save or print the details choosing the appropriate icons 
  • History: Click to view all actions carried by each User, from the creation of the transaction to the approval(s). You can save or print the history of the transaction using the appropriate icons


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