Settings - Customize

Option through which you can customize the menu options and information shown in Internet / Mobile Banking, depending on your needs.

General information

  • Option to:
    • change the name of the account (alias)
    • specify the sequence in which the different Internet Banking menu options will be shown
    • choose whether you wish to view a connected account in Balances
  • The changes are applicable only for Internet Banking/Mobile Banking and do not affect any of your Bank Branch transactions


  • Display Order: Enter numbers in the column next to the account, depending on the sequence you wish to view the accounts in Balances, as well as the entire Internet Banking drop down lists. The sequence is based on the numbers entered, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5
  • Alias: Enter the name you wish to give to each of the accounts, for example MY CURRENT ACCOUNT
  • View in Balances: Select if you wish to view the connected to the subscription accounts, in a specific sequence under option Balances
  • Submit: Click to submit the changes

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