Accounts - Order Chequebook

Option through which you can place an order for a new chequebook and delivery to either by post (at the account’s mailing or at Bank Branch.

Important Information 

  • The delivery time for a new chequebook, is 2 working days if sent to a Branch and 4-5 working days if sent by post

Process – Applicable for Full Version

  • Account: Select accordingly
  • ChequebookType: Select whether you want a right-handed or left-handed chequebook
  • Quantity: Select the number of chequebooks you wish to order (maximum 9 chequebooks)
  • Delivery method: Select if you wish the chequebook to be delivered to a branch or the postal address the Bank maintains for you. If you select Send to Branch, you need to specify the Branch.
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction 
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction
  • Transaction Number: The system returns a message at the top of the page, with the transaction status.  Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details


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