My accounts - Transactions

Option through which you can view the Transaction History of the accounts connected to the subscription (BoC accounts and other banks accounts connected to the subscription). Using the filter feature you can minimize the search results and easily identify transactions.

General information

  • The Transaction History is available up to 5 years back
  • For options ¨LAST 10 TRANSACTIONS¨ and ¨LAST 20 TRANSACTIONS¨, the system displays results for the last 12 months
  • The maximum transactions that can be displayed per search, is 1.000.
  • In case the search results in more than 1000 transactions, narrow down your search or use filter option
  • Alternatively, you can save the result by selecting theicon, in which case all the transactions will be displayed (Save/exporting allows export to maximum 10.000 transactions) 
  • You can obtain the credit advices provided the account has been credited by a third person by debiting another Bank of Cyprus account
  • You can view transactions referring to cheque deposits to your accounts or issuance of cheques to third parties. Copies of cheque deposits are available from 13/07/2017 onwards (only the front side of cheque is displayed) 

Process for Search and Save

  • Account: Selected from the connected accounts shown at the left site of the page. 
  • Period: Select the period for which you want to view the transactions. Alternatively, you can select Other Period from the drop-down list and enter preferable dates
  • Transaction Type: Select to isolate the specific transactions  
  • Sort: select how you want the data to be sorted in your screen. Can be sorted by creation date, transaction type, amount etc in ascending or descending order
  • Apply Filter: Click to view the results of your search.
  • To remove the Filters, click on Clear Filter/Clear All
  • Click to print or save the information in PDF format
  • Click to view and export transaction history, account statement or payment and transfer receipts.  
  • Transaction History is available for saving in various formats such as PDF, XLSX, CSV, QIF, OFX.
  • The way data are displayed are based on the sorting selected by the subscriber

Other Options

  • Reference Number: Click on the reference number to view the details of each transaction. Information is available for transactions performed via 1bank Internet Banking or Mobile Banking