QuickPay Donation Codes - Codes Listing

Option through which you can manage your list of Donation Codes.

General information

  • From this option you can view a list of all Codes created by your organization To Date.
  • There is additional Delete  option for each code, which can be used only if you do not need this code anymore (event passed, payment reconciliation made etc).


  • Select Account:  Choose the Account for which you wish to view the Donation Codes.                      
  • Delete:  Click to delete the relevant Donation Code.
  • Back : Click if you do not wish to continue with the deletion. You will be transferred back to the ¨Codes Listing¨ page
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the deletion of the relevant  Donation Code.
  • New Code: Click to go to the ¨Create¨ page.

Other Οptions  

For modifying an existing Donation Code, you can call the 1bank call center at tel. no. 80000800 or +35722128000 if calling from abroad from Monday to Friday between 07:45 and 21:30 GMT+2:00 (except Bank Holidays).

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