QuickPay Donation Codes - Create

Option through which you can create Donation Codes and connect each code to a Charity Event and account to be credited.

General information

  • ¨Event Name¨, ¨From¨ and ¨To¨ dates and ¨QuickPay Reply Message¨ are mandatory fields.
  • ¨From¨ and ¨To¨ dates is the period for which the donators will be able to use the Donation Code..
  • The ¨QuickPay Reply Message¨ will be sent to the donator via SMS message, after a donation is made.


  • Select Account: Choose the Account  in which the donations will be credited at, from the drop-down menu.          
  • Event Name:  Enter the Event Name for which the Donation Code will be used.
  • From:  Enter the start date the Code will be used by the donators.          
  • To:  Enter the last date the Code will be used by the donators.                
  • QuickPay Reply Message:  Enter the message the donator will receive via SMS.
  • Clear:  Click to clear all inputted data.
  • Submit: Click to submit your entries.
  • Back:  Click to go back to the ¨Create¨ page .
  • Confirm: Click to Create the Donation Code.

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