Settings - Personal Data Update

Option through which you can update your  Personal Data which is held at the Bank’s systems.

General information

  • Personal Data Update procedure will be automatically initiated upon your first Login, one month before the expiry of your review date at the Bank’s systems.
  • Personal Data Update can be found under option Settings>Personal Data Update.
  • Upon submission of the updated information, the information will be passed to your Banker, who, if needed, will contact you for any clarification or further action.
  • For all Data to be updated, the ¨Current Value¨ will appear and the 1bank user will need to make changes (update), if that piece of Data has changed.
  • Use the ¨Add¨ button to add several lines of data in each case.
  • Use the red ¨Χ¨ sign beside each field, to delete the relevant line of data.
  • Use the ¨Back¨ and ¨Next¨ buttons to scroll through the Information Tabs.
  • Fields identified with a red mark at the beginning are mandatory and need to be filled before leaving the current Tab.


Information Tab

  • Type of customer Identification: Choose between Identity Card, Passport and Political Refugee Identity No (applicable only if issue Country is Cyprus.
  • ID or Passport Country: Select the Issue Country for the relevant identification.
  • ID or Passport Number: Enter the ID or Passport number (if different to current value).
  • Issue Date: Enter the Issue Date of the relevant ID or Passport number (if different to current value).
  • Expiry Date: Enter the Expiry Date of the relevant ID or Passport number (if different to current value).
  • Birth Date: Enter the Birth date (if different to current value).
  • Birth Country:Choose the Birth Country (if different to current value).
  • Birth City: Enter the Birth City (if different to current value).
  • Country of Residence: Enter the Birth City (if different to current value).
  • Employer’s Name: Enter the Employer Name (if different to current value).
  • Employment Category: Choose the Employment Category (if different to current value).
  • Profession: Choose the Profession (if different to current value).

Address Information Tab

  • Country: Choose the Country of your residence (if different to current value).
  • District: Choose  the District (if address in Cyprus)/ Enter the District (if address outside of Cyprus).
  • Postal Code: Choose  the Postal Code ( if address in Cyprus) / Enter the Postal Code ( if address outside of Cyprus)
  • Address Number: Enter the Address Number.
  • Address: Choose  the Address (if address in Cyprus) / Enter the Address (if address outside of Cyprus).

 Financial Information/Information on Bank Account Transactions

  • Source of Income: Choose  from the Source of Income Categories (if different to current value).  .
  • Annual Income (in EUR): Enter the Annual Income for the selected Income Category.
  • Expected Annual – Debit (In EUR): Enter the expected Annual debits for Bank Transactions (Total expected annual payments / withdrawals) .
  • Expected Annual – Credit (in EUR): Enter the expected Annual credits for BankTransactions (Total expected annual deposits).

 Other Information / Tax Information

  • Other Information: Enter ¨YES¨ or ¨No¨ if you or a member of your immediate family (wife/ husband/ children) or associate, is considered a political person  (if different to current value). If ¨Yes¨, press ¨Add¨.
  • Relationship with political person: Choose the kind of relationship with the political person.
  • Name of Political person: Enter the name of the Political Person.
  • Position of Politician: Choose the position of the Political person.
  • Country of Politician: Choose the country the Political Person is politically active.
  • Date on which the political career started: Choose the Date the political career started.
  • Date on which the political career ended (if applicable): Choose the Date the political career ended.
  • Are you a US citizen/resident for Tax Purposes: Enter ¨Yes¨ or ¨No¨
  • If Yes, what is your Tax Identification Number: If ¨Yes¨, enter your Tax Identification Number.
  • Add all other Countries, except US, at which you are a Tax Resident (including Cyprus): Press ¨Add¨ if applicable.
  • Country: Choose the Tax Residence Country.
  • Tax Identification Number: Enter your Tax Identification Number for the relevant country.

Confirmation Tab

  • Back: Press to go back to the Information Tabs and update further where necessary.
  • Confirm: Press to submit the updated information to your Banker.
  • Transaction Number: The system returns a message at the top of the page, with the transaction status.  Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details.

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