XML Conversion Tool

File conversion process

As at 03/02/16 you can only upload /sent files for processing by the Bank only if your file is in the specified XML Format (as per ISO 20022). Any file in a previous format that was acceptable by the bank within 2015 needs to be converted first. To convert a file:

  • Read the important information that appear as disclaimer on bottom of  the tool.
  • Select File: Select the file you need to convert from your computer (the file name will appear on the screen). Τhen the button Upload will appear.
  • Remove: Select remove in case you have uploaded a different file than the one you need.
  • Εncoding ( this field concerns about acceptable characters): Leave the default value UTF8 which appears in the drop down list (In case through you send your files through the FTP channel and not 1bank,  if your file contains Greek characters then select from the drop down list the encoding which was used when your file was created (consult your tecnnical associate for support  if necessary).
  • Upload: Click to upload the file for converting it. If the format of the file is correct a Download button will appear. If the system returns any errors you will need to correct the file contents and re load the file for conversion.
  • Download: Click to download your file and save it on your pc. The file will be in xml format. You can now use this file to send your orders for processing through the acceptable bank channels (1bank or FTP).  You may wish to rename your file * 

Note on renaming your file*

 Any name given to your file - to be uploaded through 1bank channel -  will be acceptable.

For FTP Channel (an older system for sending payroll files to the Bank which is gradually abandoned),  the file name needs to follow the name standard


The “*” means that After the DPSXMLDCI6_ the customer can send any other name, but the file name need to start with DPSXMLDCI6.