Data Collection - Responding to Security Questions

During login to the Internet or Mobile Banking, you will be asked to follow the below procedure for responding to Security Questions.

(If you are an existing subscriber you can choose to skip this procedure up to 6 times).   

STEP 1 – Check your registered (with the Bank) contact information

In this step, you need to ensure that your registered mobile number and/or email are correct and if necessary update them through the 1bank Call Centre before proceeding to step 2.

If you are an existing subscriber, with an active digipass on your subscription, before proceeding with responding to the security questions, you can update your  mobile and or email number via 1bank option  Settings > Change Contact Information.  

STEP 2 – Respond to Questions

You will be shown twelve (12) questions, in two groups. You will need to respond to two (2) questions from the first group and two (2) questions from the second group of questions.

Important tips about your responses:

(a)      Group A includes questions that require a single word response. Alphanumeric characters are accepted in your response (i.e. both alphabetic characters and/or numbers are acceptable)

(b)     Group B includes questions that require numeric responses. You need to respond with a number without decimals

(c)      In general, your responses should be maximum of 35 characters, without spaces and/or special symbols

(d)     You may respond in Greek, English, Russian or Chinese

(e)     It is important to remember your answers and the language used

STEP 3 – Choose a verification method

In this step, you will need to choose a method for verifying your responses. There are three available methods to choose from. Each method is available subject to the below conditions in parenthesis:

(a)    Verify using Digipass One Time Password (provided that you own an active Digipass)

(b)   Verify using a Verification Code sent to an email (provided that you have a registered and valid email with the Bank)

(c)    Verify using a Verification Code to be sent to your mobile number (provided that you have a registered valid mobile number with the Bank)

STEP 4 – Confirm your actions of previous steps

In this step, you will need to review your responses and chosen verification method. Click on “Confirm” button to complete the procedure or select “Back” button to make any updates you wish.