eProducts - Change

Option through which you can change the notice period of the eProduct, to a notice period greater than the existing.

General information

  • The change is available for all own eNotice accounts connected to your subscription (not available for third party eNotice accounts)
  • The change is allowed provided that the new notice period is greater than the notice period of the existing account


  • Select Account: Select the account for which you wish to change the notice period
  • Change to: Select the new notice period. The new notice period should be greater than the existing notice period of the account. E.g. change eNotice 035Days to eNotice 180Days
  • Submit: Click to submit the transaction 
  • Confirm: Click to confirm the transaction
  • Transaction Number: The system returns a message at the top of the page, with the transaction status.  Click on the transaction number to view the specific transaction details