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Option through which you can upload a Public Key, which can be used for “signature verification” within the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) context and if necessary revoke it, any time you wish.

 What are APIs?

 APIs are defined interfaces through which interactions happen between an enterprise and other applications that use its assets, such as the 1bank Internet/Mobile Banking.

 Bank of Cyprus has developed APIs in 1Bank to enable customers’  internal systems to simply and securely connect to the 1bank Internet Banking, for downloading or uploading massive amount of data.   Upon development of the interface from the enterprise’s side, the nominated subscriber can use this option to upload the Public Key which will be used for the JWT signature verification.

 If you or your company is interested in using APIs, contact our Call Centre.

 Important Information

  • The Key that is uploaded, becomes the active Public Key
  • The Public Key, is valid for a year from the moment it is uploaded and when it expires, the APIs become unavailable until a new Public key is uploaded
  • You can upload a new Public Key provided that you revoke the previous active key or the previous one has expired

 Process – Applicable for Full Version

  •  Upload: Copy the Public Key that is located in your computer and paste on screen. Then Click on Upload.
  • Revoke: Click to revoke the existing active key (if any)
  • Public Key Status - A table is presented with the Status of each public key. The table has following columns:
    • Public Key: click on View Key for the Public Key information
    • Issue Date: the date of  uploading the key to 1bank
    • Expiration Date: the date of expiry (each key has validity one year from date of its uploading)
    • Status: the status of the key which are:
      • Active: the key is the active one
      • Expired: the key has expired
      • Revoked:  the key has been revoked by the User


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