Option through which you can save the information of a transfer or payment for future use.  Retrieval is easy.   

 General information

  • The transactions that support templates are:
    • Transfers to Connected Accounts
    • Transfers to Bank of Cyprus Customers
    • Transfers to Other Banks
    • Utility Bill payments
    • Tax Payments 

Process for Saving a Template 

  • Enter all necessary transfer/payment details in one of the above options
  • Save Template: Click on to  to save the template. Button is displayed upon confirming and upon completing the transaction
  • Enter a name for the template in the field provided and click Save
  • A message will be shown on the top part of your screen Template was saved successfully

 Process to Load or Amend a Template 

  • Load Template: Click on to load a template
  • Select the template Name from the drop-down list. All saved details will be shown on your screen.
  • You can change any of the details. To save the amended template details click on Save as template.
  • Enter a new name to save it as a new template. Click on Save
  • A message will be shown on your screen Template was saved successfully 

Delete a favorite Template

  • To delete a saved template: Select the template Name from the drop-down list and Click on  next to it  
  • If you are sure you want to delete this template press delete