Transaction Statuses

Option through which you can view the status of an internet banking / mobile bank transaction.  The transaction statuses are the following:

  • Submitted: The transaction is pending in internet banking.  It has not yet been received by the banking system
  • Submitted (Pending Execution): The transaction is pending for execution in the banking system
  • Accepted: The transaction has been received and will be processed manually
  • Pending Approval: The transaction is pending for approval from other User(s) - applicable only for accounts with multiple signatures
  • Completed: The transaction has been completed successfully
  • Pending (Future Execution): The transaction is pending to be executed on the date entered
  • Declined (by User):  The transaction has been declined by a User - available only if a transaction is in status Pending (Future Execution) or Pending Approval
  • Rejected (By System): The transaction has been rejected by the banking system. Moving the mouse over the status, will reveal the rejection reason
  • Failed: The transaction failed to be executed due to an abnormal error such as system failure, future transactions that fail to be executed due to unavailability of funds
  • Expired: The transaction has expired because not all required users have approved it by the end of its execution date