Frequently Asked Questions about QuickPay

  • Quick Pay is an innovative service for payments from mobile devices. It is a quick and easy solution for third party payments to Bank of Cyprus account holders, wherever you are.

  • QuickPay is designed in such a way as to connect the mobile number of the user with one of their accounts, which will be set as a QuickPay account. This account will be used for debits and credits through the QuickPay service. In this way, provided that both the sender and the recipient have activated the service, only the beneficiary’s phone number is needed to carry out a payment.

    If the beneficiary has not activated the QuickPay Service, the sender can simply enter the account number or IBAN of the recipient to make the payment.

  • The use of QuickPay is available for 1bank individual subscribers, with full access, who have activated the service from the Bank of Cyprus application.

    If you are 1bank subscriber and you do not have full access service, you can change your access level by calling us on 800 00 800.

    With the QuickPay service you can carry out payments of up to €250 daily without the use of digipass and for amounts over €250 with the use of digipass.

  • If you have not already activated the service on your device, you must first install on your mobile the application of Bank of Cyprus from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

    The activation is completed with the following steps:

    • Login to 1bank Mobile Banking App, using your User Id and Passcode
    • Select the QuickPay tab
    • Confirm your mobile phone number. If the mobile phone number is incorrect, you may change it through 1bank Internet or Mobile Banking (Digipass is required) or by visiting one of our Branches.
    • Select the account number that will be used to send and receive payments.
    • Accept the QuickPay Terms and Conditions

    In case you need to use the QuickPay service on more than one device, then you need to follow the above steps for each device. The mobile number remains the same.

    1. Select the beneficiary from your contacts or enter their mobile phone number if not included in your contacts.
    2. The system will inform you if the beneficiary is an activated QuickPay user, in which case you will not be asked to enter the beneficiary’s account number for the payment.
    3. If the beneficiary has not activated QuickPay, you will be asked to enter the beneficiary’s account number or IBAN. The system will remember the account or IBAN to be used for future payments to this beneficiary. This feature is also available for activated QuickPay users who wish to be credited to a different account than their QuickPay account.
    4. Both the beneficiary and the sender will receive a confirmation SMS for the payment. The sender has the ability to type and enter a short note to the payment that will be included in the confirmation SMS sent to the beneficiary.

Important Information

  • About my QuickPay account
    • You can set any of your personal or joint account connected with full access to your 1bank subscription as your QuickPay account, excluding loan and fixed deposit accounts.
    • If you select your credit card account as your QuickPay account, payments will be charged 3.33% of the transaction amount (minimum charge €5).
    • If you choose a Notice account as your QuickPay account, the daily amount of payments you make via the QuickPay service will be deducted from the limit of €300 or €500 (for e-notice) per day, allowed for payments from notice accounts from any 1bank channel.
  • About my QuickPay payments
    • Only payments in same currency accounts are allowed.
    • Some devices require your authorization to allow an application to access your contacts. If your device belongs to the above category, you will receive a relevant message on your device. The message will instruct you to give your consent in order to permit the QuickPay service to have access to your contacts (QuickPay will not have access to any other content of your mobile device). This will enable you to search your contacts (search by name or mobile number ) and select the beneficiary phone number you wish. Your contacts information is not kept in the Bank's systems. 


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