Split the Bill

New features via QuickPay

Use QuickPay new smart features and make your payments hassle-free and fun.

  • Split the Bill

     Allows you to share the cost with others

  • Request Payment

     You can add a contact number and request an amount 

How to Split the Bill in the app

Find the feature via QuickPay

Select "Split the Bill"

Adjust the amount and send the request

More Information

  • Log in to your BoC Mobile App, select the charged amount from your transaction history and swipe left to “Split the Bill”. You can also find the feature in the section Quick Actions” under “QuickPay.

    Choose one or more people from:

    • contacts,
    • favourites or enter a mobile number

     You can share the amount with up to 10 people.

    Initially, the total amount is divided among the selected individuals in equal parts. You can change your own amount and automatically split the remaining amount equally among other people. Once you have selected the people, continue with "Confirm".

    For individuals who are not customers or registered to use QuickPay, you can enter their phone number and name, and they will receive an SMS notifications

    After "Split the Bill"

    Your contacts will receive a push notification with the requested amount. You can track payments, send reminders, and cancel anytime.

  • You can request money from your BoC contacts easily from the QuickPay screen. Simply choose the contact or add the number, then enter the amount to be paid, and send your request. The contact will receive a push notification with your request.

    You can “Request payment” from one person at a time.

    • Others receive requests either as 'Split the Bill' or 'Request payment'.
    • Their expiration date is indicated; they are kept for 10 days.
    • You can cancel a request by tapping on 'X', or you can send a reminder.
    • If you select 'Cancel', a confirmation message will appear.