Visa Deposits Card

Deposits Card for businesses!

  • Safely deposit your company's proceeds

    at Bank of Cyprus ATMs, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

  • In more than

    60 ATM points.

  • Reduce the risk

    of keeping cash and cheques on your premises.

  • Free membership fee

    replacement fee and PIN reissue fee

More information

  • Visa Deposits Card is a product designed for businesses which allows authorized company employees to make deposits at Bank of Cyprus ATMs.

    The card provides a 24/7 access to the Bank of Cyprus ATM network, in order for businesses to deposit the amounts collected to the company’s bank account.

    • Designed for companies
    • The product is offered free of charge (No membership fee/ replacement fee/ pin reissue fee)
    • ATM Card valid only for making Cash & Cheque deposits
    • Additional service allowed: PIN change capabilities
    • No other services are allowed (i.e. purchases, withdrawals, transfers)
    • Cards can be issued to employees as chosen by the company
    • The card will be connected for deposits to the company’s selected current or savings account
    • The company must be/become a Bank of Cyprus customer with a current or savings account as per the bank’s internal procedures.
    • The authorized cardholder must be a Bank of Cyprus Customer (with or without account).
  • At the Bank of Cyprus ATMs all over Cyprus

  • To be informed about Commission & Charges click here