Discontinuation of Cybank 24 card product

07 June 2021

Dear Sir/Madam

As of 30/11/2021 our Bank will discontinue the Cybank 24 card.

If you are a holder of the above-named product, please read the information below:

1. If you hold no other debit card:

One option you have available in the event you wish to acquire a new card is to select the Visa Classic Debit card, which will be connected to your account that your Cybank 24 was connected to. Visa Classic Debit can be used at ATMs across Cyprus as well as overseas. You'll also be able to use it for your day-to-day transactions and earn antamivi reward points from participating merchants.

  • If you wish to acquire the new Visa Classic Debit card, you may apply for one through our 1bank campaign.
  • If the Bank approves your application, your new card will be sent to you by post.
  • The new card bears a new four-digit PIN, which you can find out about through the Bank of Cyprus Mobile Banking App. Alternatively, you can request the issue of a PIN by calling the Bank's call centre at 800 00 800, or by visiting your bank branch.
  • The annual subscription fee of €7.50 is offered free for the first year. You can find out more from the Table of Commissions and Charges.
  • Terms and conditions apply for cards and the 1bank service.

2. If you hold another debit card:

  • You may continue carrying out your day-to-day transactions with the card you already hold.
  • You can also connect your account/s that are linked to the Cybank24 card, to any of the other cards you wish.

You reserve the right to close your account which is connected to the Cybank 24 card at no charge.

We are at your disposal for any information you may need, and to let you know about the entire range of cards offered by our Bank. You may contact your personal banker at your bank branch, or call the 1bank service at 800 00 800.

Thank you for banking with us.