Authentication of online transactions

New process for the authentication of online card transactions

In a bid to further enhance security for online card transactions using the Safe@Web service, we are upgrading the authentication process of our clients made during the execution of the card transaction. 

Currently, authentication is done by sending via SMS a One-Time Passcode (OTP), which you enter into the relevant field in order to complete a transaction.

The new process will be executed exclusively through the Bank of Cyprus Mobile Banking App.

The procedure for 1bank subscribers in order to perform online card transactions will from now on be as follows:


  • You will receive a Push Notification on your mobile device asking you to authenticate yourself. You will do this either via Fingerprint, Face ID, or a Passcode - depending on the method you use to log into the Bank of Cyprus Mobile Banking App.
  • Once you are authenticated, transaction details will appear on your mobile's display.
  • Once you've confirmed the transaction details, select "Accept" on your mobile's display - this will complete the authentication process.
  • If you do not agree with the transaction details, select "Deny" - the transaction will be cancelled.
  • The above process will work, provided you have previously activated the new authentication process as well as the Push Notifications feature through the Bank of Cyprus Mobile Banking App.