Green Car Hire Purchase

For individuals and companies

  • Lower interest rate

    The interest rate is 0.25% lower than the interest rate offered for other Bank of Cyprus Car Hire Purchase schemes for new cars  

  • Variable or fixed rate option

    You may choose a variable or fixed interest rate for your financing

  • No initial cost

    For transactions through dealers, no initial bank fees are charged.

More Information

  • Individuals or companies who want to buy a new hybrid or electric car. 

    Green car Hire purchase is offered for the purchase of a new electric or hybrid car with emissions <50g CO2/km.

  • The maximum duration is 8 years.

  • There is a minimum initial contribution of 15%. 

  • You can benefit from a 10% discount on the interest rate of the Fil-eco Energy Loan, for the purchase of photovoltaic systems, if you have already been approved for Green Car Hire Purchase.

  • Yes, you may repay the financing earlier at no charge.

  • Financing with Hire Purchase.

    • When your application is approved, the seller is paid and the car is transferred to the Bank of Cyprus and to your name.
    • When the financing amount is fully repaid, the car is transferred to you after you pay the amount of €50 to the Bank for the right to purchase.
  • Learn more on out interest rates here.


The financing is based on a HIRE PURCHASE AGREEMENT.  The Bank reserves the right to reject any application, at its discretion and to withdraw any scheme at any time.


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