Digitally deposit cheques up to €2,000

Bank of Cyprus continues to evolve its innovative Mobile Cheque Deposit service offered on the BoC Mobile App. The service, available to individuals, allows both existing and new customers to securely and instantly deposit cheques into their account.

All customers have to do is use their mobile phone to take a picture of the cheque, follow the straightforward steps on the App, and deposit the cheque - without needing to visit a bank branch or an ATM.

Raising the cheque deposit amount limit to meet customer needs

Mobile Cheque Deposit has gained a great deal of traction with customers in a short amount of time, with 5,616 individuals using the service, depositing a total of 12,132 cheques in this way. It's fast and easy to use, and free of charge. Which is why, by popular demand, the Bank has now raised the total daily value of cheques deposited in this way from €1,000 to €2,000.

Customers can deposit a cheque into the account of the beneficiary or into the joint or connected accounts of another person (does not apply to card accounts, term deposits or loan accounts).

The amount becomes available in the customer's account by the next working day, rather than in two working days - which is the case whenever a cheque is deposited at a branch. The service applies for Bank of Cyprus cheques issued in euro.

European awards

Bank of Cyprus leads the way in standing by its customers and anticipating their every move. It's the only bank in Cyprus or Greece digital cheque deposit. For this, it has received the gold award for Best Paperless Digital Initiative at the 2023 Finance Awards. With its Mobile Cheque Deposit, Bank of Cyprus joins the elite of European banks that offer novel and user-friendly services.