Open Calls for creative collaborations

Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation issues Open Calls for creative collaborations regarding Faneromeni’24 Arts Festival and Moments at the Museum’24 series of events “Faneromeni24 Arts Festival” and “Moments at the Museum24” series of events themed Cyprus Island welcomes proposals that adopt original and creative approaches towards a re-appraisal of the history of Cyprus and the life on the island from antiquity to the present times, resonating the innate unity of the Cypriot insular space.

The triadic scheme Time | Place | People adopted by the Art Festival brings forward relations and narratives in which multivalent historical realities are manifested from the past to the present.

All submitted proposals should contribute to the preservation of the memory of the of the occupied territory of Cyprus considering its impact, throughout the ages, to the shaping of the multifaceted but cohesive Cypriot cultural character.

The proposals may combine art, music, theatre, dance, performing & video. 

Find the niche that interests you and send your ideas by 20/3/2024.


Faneromeni 24” Arts Festival 

The events, within the framework of “Faneromeni 24 Arts Festival”, must be related with the islands’ history and tradition by combining various arts in a celebration set to run for four months at the centre of the old city titled themed Cyprus island. 

Series of events “Moments at the Museum 24”

This series, taking place at the Cultural Foundation's two museums, aims to give the public the opportunity to acquire new experiences by getting up close and personal with the exhibits of the museums' collections. Musical, theatrical, and other performances, poetry soirees, activities for children, as well as many other activities will be held at the museums, laying the foundation for a special voyage through knowledge and interaction.

The events, within the framework of “Moments at the Museum 23” series, must be related with the islands’ history and tradition by combining various arts themed  Cyprus island.

For more informationabout the application procedure please follow the link at the Social Media pages of the foundation-Facebook/Instagram or contact us via email: