A vaccination team gives Bank of Cyprus its booster shot

Bank of Cyprus executives and employees received the third dose against COVID-19 by a dedicated vaccination team.

The Bank of Cyprus supports the country’s vaccination efforts as the strongest measure against the pandemic, which is why a vaccination team visited the Bank's Head Offices to specifically cater for its staff.

The vaccinations were carried out in the presence of the Minister of Health, Michael Hadjipantela. Mr. Hadjipantela thanked both the Bank of Cyprus and its CEO, Panicos Nicolaou, for their initiative to set up an intra-day vaccination team at the Bank of Cyprus Head Office. "Actions such as this give us strength and optimism that a large percentage of our population will be vaccinated so that we can cope with these difficult days ahead," he added.

Among those who were vaccinated were the Bank's CEO, Panicos Nikolaou, as well as its Chief of Staff, Irene Gregoriou. Expressing his gratitude to the Ministry of Health and to the Minister himself for their prompt response, Mr. Nicolaou said "today, we are giving our people the opportunity to meet one of their basic needs, that of health and safety".

Vaccination teams are also expected to operate in Bank of Cyprus offices in other cities.