Bank of Cyprus stands by its people

Going beyond finance and banking, Bank of Cyprus embraces practices geared at sustainable growth, as it creates value for its people, the community and the environment 

Bank of Cyprus' people-centred approach, coupled with its ongoing drive to improve corporate governance, are what guide us in building and fostering the advancement of our people. Workplace policies ensure equality and diversity, and are geared at eradicating all forms of discrimination. As its 2020 Sustainable Growth Report shows, the Bank operates according to objective criteria relating to staff skills, ethics and experience, and irrespective of colour, race, nationality/ethnicity, disability, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or political conviction.

Moreover, like all modern corporations who operate on the premise that growth should meet current needs without jeopardising the wellbeing of future generations, Bank of Cyprus regards sustainable growth as an opportunity to tweak and enhance its corporate governance, able to handle any challenge, such as the unexpected coronavirus pandemic. In this respect, the 2020 Sustainable Growth Report, compiled according to GRI Standards, states that "employees comprise our best ambassadors, helping fashion the public's perception of the Bank. They are critical to achieving the Bank's Strategic Plan and objectives. They have been authorised, first and foremost, to do what is right for the clients, for the community, for the shareholders and all stakeholders."

Having correctly assessed the impact of the pandemic on staff's mental health, Bank of Cyprus rolled out mechanisms and tools supporting employees and their families. On this, the Report states: "The Employee Support Line was reactivated during the quarantine. Available to all employees and their families, the support line focused on dealing with any psychological problems that arose during the lockdown." One important tool in providing support to staff was the 'Well at Work' programme, adapted to offer a series of webinars on the issue of mental health to about 100 employees.

In every move it makes, Bank of Cyprus is thinking about its people and it acts for the benefit of their wellbeing. All this makes the Bank a choice employer.