ATM transactions without a card? With Bank of Cyprus, yes you can

Once again Bank of Cyprus bucks the trend, becoming the first bank in Cyprus enabling its customers to carry out contactless transactions at ATMs. This new innovation will simplify customer experience even further, as people can now use an ATM for their day-to-day transactions without needing to use a card. Now customers can just hold their digital wallet on their smart phone or smart watch.

Bank customers will be able to carry out transactions with Bank of Cyprus cards they have entered into their digital wallet. It's easy, fast and secure. All they need to do when approaching a Bank of Cyprus ATM is to unlock their device and hold their digital wallet for a few seconds above the sign relating to contactless transactions. Once they hear the familiar beep, they can proceed with the transaction they want, entering as always their secret password for maximum security.

This service is available only for Bank of Cyprus cards, it applies to the bank's entire network of ATMs, and does not require access to the internet. Please note that this will not affect the use of cards at ATMs - cards may still be used in a contactless way or via the card reader.