Bank of Cyprus allows you to manage your 1bank access codes online

Locked out of 1bank? No problem. Stay safe, Go Digital. In a bid to give its customers even more flexibility, and in light of the isolation measures currently in place, Bank of Cyprus now affords subscribers the ability to quickly and safely manage their codes online.

Private as well as corporate subscribers are now able to:

  • Reset & recover passcode

By taking a few straightforward authentication steps, subscribers can create a new passcode and unlock their subscription or recover their User ID if they have forgotten what it is. They can do this on the start page for Internet or Mobile banking by selecting "Forgot your User ID/Passcode?".

  • Set new passcode for new subscribers

Once a customer's written application for acquiring access codes to the 1bank digital channels has been processed, an SMS containing the User ID is automatically sent to the new subscriber's mobile phone. The same SMS will instruct the subscriber to visit the start page for Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app in order to set a passcode by selecting "First connection for new subscribers."

In this way subscribers now have full control over managing their codes on their device, anytime, anywhere. This also means they can manage their codes outside bank working days and opening hours, and they do not need to contact the 1bank call centre or visit a bank branch.

Moreover, as part of the bank's broader strategy for environmentally-friendly practices, we save on paper since the codes are no longer printed.

As always, we aim to provide better, faster and safer services as we look to the future but also deal with the particular set of circumstances we face today.