BoC and the Univ. of Nicosia signed a memorandum of understanding

The Memorandum of Understanting provides for, among other things, granting of scholarships to students, conduct of research and preparation of various studies

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding is announced by the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering of the University of Nicosia and the Bank of Cyprus. In the context of the University's efforts to link the labor market, as well as the Bank's efforts to further strengthen and expand its cooperation with the country's educational institutions, the two organizations proceeded to sign the Memorandum on Wednesday, April 5.

The Memorandum was signed on behalf of the Bank of Cyprus by Mr. Giorgos Koussis, Executive Director Technology & Operations and on behalf of the University of Nicosia by the Professor and Head of the Computer Science Department, Professor Athina Stasopoulou and the Director of Career Success Centre, Dr. Maria Siopaha.

The Memorandum provides, among other things, for the granting of scholarships by the Bank of Cyprus to students of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the Information Technology and Data Science Programs of the University of Nicosia, the conduct of research and the preparation of studies.

The Bank's intention is of outstanding importance to act as the bridge that will "unite" new talents with the labor market, as students of the University of Nicosia will have the opportunity to be placed in the Bank's departments to gain valuable experience. Bank of Cyprus aspires that in this way new talents, with training especially in Information Technology, will have the opportunity to showcase and practice their skills.

During the signing of the Memorandum, Mr. Kousis said: "This is a mutually beneficial collaboration, which lays the foundations for further development of our relations with the University of Nicosia. The Bank of Cyprus proves in practice its long-term support, but also its trust in the country's highest educational institutions. Their contribution to the transformation of the Cypriot economy is catalytic and we, as the largest financial organization in the country, want to gain knowledge and of course give opportunities to new talents to emerge and establish themselves in the labor market".

On behalf of the University of Nicosia, Professor Athina Stassopoulou said: "The top priority of the Department of Informatics is the provision of modern study programs and the exposure of its students to high-level professional practices.

We are proud of our strong links with the industry, which we include in our curricula in many ways: by developing modern curricula so that our students meet the demands of the market, teaching courses, doing internships in companies as part of the curriculum and conducting seminars and presentations. Our new collaboration with the Bank of Cyprus is another important step in this direction, which will create important synergies and opportunities for our students, particularly in the Information Technology and Data Science study programs."